Mediate Anytime, Anyday

Evin Dugas is available to mediate on non-business days or at non-business hours.  Saturdays and Sundays can be arranged and if you want your mediation from 6 to 10 pm, consider it done.

When you need a mediation done right and done soon, schedule with us.  We offer:

  • Weekend mediations
  • After hours mediations
  • Telephone/Skype mediations
  • Mediations in rural areas
  • Co-Mediations/Multiple mediators
  • Short notice mediations
  • Multi-party mediations
  • Half Day mediations
  • Multi-day mediations
  • Mock Jury Trials
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152 Civil Jury Trials in 23 Texas Counties

Evin G. Dugas has tried over 152 civil jury trials throughout 23 Texas counties including Harris, Dallas, Bexar and Travis as well as Guadalupe, Orange, Tyler and Galveston. He has represented thousands of insureds for State Farm, Zurich, Lloyds of London, Empire Lloyds and others as well as hundreds of plaintiffs in homeowner litigation claims from Beaumont to El Paso.  Evin Dugas is retired and no longer practices law.

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Evin Drills Down

Evin drills down into the case facts using 29 years of trial experience to find where the strengths and weaknesses of the case are legally, factually and emotionally.

Evin focuses on what the jury will look like and how each side will handle the good evidence, the negative evidence and the prejudicial evidence.  Evin focuses on  the anticipated jury charge from both perspectives and how a jury of strangers is likely to respond to the case.  With 152 civil jury trials, he can provide insight on the complexities at trial from evidence, presentation, judges, rulings, the unexpected as well as the stress and unpredictability.

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Mediate.  Don't Litigate.

Litigation used to be a game of dare.  A game of chicken where the first person to blink settled the case for more than it was worth if it was the defendant or less if it was the plaintiff.  Now, however, getting a civil jury case to trial within two years of filing the case is no certainty.  In smaller counties, cases can be set for trial 7-8 times without ever getting assigned to trial.

Without the certainty of going to trial, defendants can simply wait out a bad case.   Eventually, the plaintiff will want to move on with life and the failure to get to trial will reinforce that move.  Compromises never considered before suddenly become realities.  Instead of a game of dare, trial has become a game of attrition.  Who can hold out the longest.

The solution is to mediate.  End the conflict.

Even the victor in war is a miserable loser.  Whatever territory you gain will cost far more than never having started the war.  The same is mostly true with litigation.

Litigation will cost you far more than money. The legal world moves at its own pace and time will stand still. In the meantime, whatever side you are on, your life will come to a stop and your future will be on hold until your legal conflict is behind you.

A resolution at mediation brings closure and healing and frees up both parties to move on productively. Money lost litigating can be made up eventually. But time, energy and emotional suffering spent in litigation can never be recovered.


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